Company Formation

The Economy of UAE is robust with its strategic location, consistent government spending, improved infrastructure, investor friendly policies, freezones, tax benefits and many more. Their constant effort to change in accordance with the changes in world has placed UAE as one of the hottest business hubs in the GCC region.

Starting a business in UAE

The UAE government has introduced many types of company formation that will cater to all levels of entrepreneurs. Possibly you’re a newbie looking to kickstart your business or a giant corporate who wants to expand your business in UAE. There is an option available for everyone to start a business setup in UAE.
UAE was ranked under 20 for the friendliest regulations and policies in recent studies, was a result of the many reforms by the government to attract investors across the globe.
In simple words, to start a business in UAE, you need to just choose the right business structure applicable for your business, prepare your documentation rightly and get the approval from the respective authorities and do the payment, you are good to go.

Types of company formation in UAE

There are three major classifications available under company formation in UAE. Each comes under different jurisdiction and has their own set of rules and regulations.
A mainland company, also called as an onshore company has its license issued under Department of Economic Development (DED) and can trade anywhere inside UAE, as well as in the international Market.
Freezone companies are intended to operate in the designated freezones with 100% ownership and many customs privileges for the import and export operations. They will have no or limited access to trade locally in UAE.
In simple words, these are non- resident companies, who will trade only internationally and are not allowed to carry their business inside UAE. Most of the foreign companies set up an offshore company in UAE, to act as an intermediary for financial transactions with any foreign company and the confidentiality or privacy is maintained.
Yes Dubai can help you in clear understanding of the business setup you will need based on your requirements and business activities. It will be overwhelming for a new business entrepreneur to understand the rules and regulations of a new country, they are willing to start the business at. With over years of experience, our professional team can ensure smooth transition of the entire process in the best viable direction.
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