Mianland Company Formation

Mainland license

If you are looking for a broader reach to your potential clients in UAE, Mainland license will stand as a platform in achieving it. The flexibility to open a branch in any part of the Emirate, provide services to Government entities or to trade directly with consumers will add fuel to accelerate your business in UAE.
In addition to the recent announcements from Government in providing 100% ownership to Mainland companies except for some sectors, has triggered the interests of the potential investors across the globe towards UAE. Mainland license will be the doorway for such investors to start a business setup to broaden their reach in the Middle eastern region.

Various Mainland licenses

In accordance with the sectors and type of business you want to establish the licensing of Mainland has been majorly categorized into following
To choose your appropriate or to say the right type of mainland license one needs to analyze various factors like the activities of your Business that you want to start, the company structure etc.

How to kickstart your process

When it comes to Mainland License you have the freedom to choose from over 2000 plus activity under DED unlike the free zone where you are bound to the restricted activities.
One of the main aspects in exercising your business is positioning your business in right location. The proximity of your business to your clients acts as a major factor in reaching the business to your potential clients. Once the location is determined the procedure to legally bind the location to your business activity is to be taken care of.

When it comes to mainland, as mentioned above they can be majorly categorized into three out of which most sought-after license is the Limited Liability company. Depending on your activities, you might need a local sponsor, or local Agent to proceed with your Business. Yes Dubai can help you navigate through the entire process while giving you the best alternatives to start your business in Mainland setup.

While naming your business in Mainland, one must bear in mind the regulations this country has with respect to the same. Your name must represent your services, but also must comply with the rules of nomenclature rules like no religious references, provocative language or any inferences that might hurt the sentiments of this country.
Now it’s the right time to find an Agency that can guide you and do your paperwork accurately. Yes Dubai can lead you in the right way, as we have a deeper understanding of the legal aspects in forming a mainland company. The documentation needed for the approval of business and the associated visas can be done at one place and you can be rest assured, that the procedures are well taken care of professionally without you stressing o
We can be your first right step you take in starting your business in Mainland.
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